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How to manage permissions, invites and view statistics?

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How to manage permissions, invites and view statistics?

This is a short video on permissions, invites and statistics. In short everything that has to do with the staff page.

You are already familiar with the staff page where you can find all the contact information for your team.

By the way: Click on a name to get an overview for the staff member. You can view all the contact info as well as some statistics and all the assigned pages and events for the selected user. Very useful, right?

When you are in the staff tab, just click on „Statistics“ to view aggregated statistics for all staff members, like events assigned or people indexed.

Next, click on „Permissions & Positions“ to update them. You can enter or edit the position of other team members and give them permissions on the site.

As an Admin you have all permissions.

If you select „Events“, the user will no longer be bound to any limitations regarding events. They can create events in the past, assign others and update anything.

If you select „People“ the user will be able to add people to the site, edit existing entries and import student lists.

If you select „Staff“, the user will be able to manage invitations and kick users out of the yearbook. By the way: You can kick a user by clicking the icon on the right. This action needs to be confirmed with your password though.

By clicking on „Open invitations“ you will find a list of all open invitations that have been sent out. Here you can invite staff members anytime. Click the icon to revoke the invitation.

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