Yearbookadmin is a powerful management for high school yearbook advisors and their staffs.

Keep track of your photo assignments and let students sign up online.
Index photos on pages and generate your yearbook index with a push of a button.
Make sure everyone in the school has a photo in the yearbook with analytics.
I truly support your efforts and think Yearbookadmin is a "must have" for any yearbook staff. We rely on it every day!
Jim Thompson, Yearbook advisor, Anacortes High School

Make sure everyone in school has a photo in the yearbook

Yearbookadmin enables students to manage photo assignments and index photos on pages online. No more fighting over a single student list at the end of a deadline or time consuming manual aggregations of separate lists.

Archive the goal to have a photo of everyone in school in the yearbook. Visualize how many times someone is indexed and make easier decisions about further pictures to include in your book.

Generate the full index with a push of a button

Focus on the creative creation of content instead of the index. With the push of a button you are able to generate the full index in seconds, anytime, how often you need to. Don’t spent your precious time on this task especially when last minute changes occur.

Grow your team and collaborate

Yearbookadmin gives your team the opportunity to collaborate easily. Everyone can see anytime from anywhere the events and pages others are assigned for, what everyone has done so far, the responsibilities in your team and up to date contact info to get in touch quickly.

Also the current state of your yearbook can be visualized. Students are able to identify unfinished pages and support other staff members as needed. Detailed statistics show how much everyone has done in your team and help with an even distribution of the workload.

Never forget a photo assignment

Right after login you get notified about your upcoming events and open pages. All events with not enough photographers get highlighted when they are starting soon.

Also an email and text reminder can be sent out the day before an event so nobody forgets about their assignment or has enough time to make sure somebody else switches in.

Reduce your workload and give students responsibility

Yearbookadmin has an access management build in. Give others the responsibility to administrate sections of the site for you like photo assignments or the management of the people available for indexing.

Get started quickly with lots of tutorials, videos and help articles so everyone knows how to use our service. In case you have any questions, concerns or ideas we are always there for you.

Make Yearbookadmin your own

Choose your custom URL and between hundreds of themes to match your school color schema and branding. Make Yearbookadmin your own and a daily part of your life to increase your productivity and freedom for creativity.

What do you want to do next?

Get started with your new yearbook in minutes. Test our service as long as you want and choose your plan later.
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